How You Can Help Support RSPCA Week 2014

The RSPCA relies on the support of the public to carry out its vital work protecting animals and promoting their welfare.  It needs regular donations of money and time from people just like you – all year round. But each year they host a special RSPCA Week to boost interest in and awareness of the charity’s aims and to boost much-needed income.

Often, people who have become valued volunteers explain that they had wanted to do something to support the RSPCA for several months or even years but that things kept ‘getting in the way’ – work, childcare commitments, ill health and so on.  But the annual RSPCA Week often acts as a catalyst to prompt people to take the plunge and decide to help out and give whatever time or money they can afford, whether just during that week or over the longer term.


This year, RSPCA Week runs from Saturday 14th June to Sunday 22nd June and there will be plenty of updates communicated to supporters of the charity via their Facebook page and Twitter account as well as on their website.  But it is not too late to register to get involved if you would like to take part in this year’s special fundraising week!

There are two main ways that you can help during the week: by registering your willingness to act as a collector for two hours during the week, or by setting up your own fundraising event.

Becoming a Collector

Could you offer to volunteer to collect money during RSPCA Week this year?  The collections happen at Tesco supermarkets and all that is needed is two hours’ of your time.  The RSPCA site has a link for you to register your interest in becoming a collector.

Setting up a Fundraising Event

Don’t panic if you feel that you don’t have enough time to set up a fundraising event during the next couple of weeks.  The RSPCA needs your help all year round, so if you feel that you can do anything to help but just cannot do so during that particular week then please do still hold your event – your time, money and effort will be very much appreciated!

But if you are able to do so during the Week, then go to the RSPCA’s website and request a Fundraising Pack online.  They also have lots of ideas about what sort of events you could host, from coffee mornings and cake sales to raffles and sponsored events.  What you choose is up to you but the key is to have fun.  If you want to see exactly where your money will go, you could always go to the RSPCA Choices page and select a particular project you want to support during the Week or at any time.

Caring for the animals in shelters, rescue centres and wildlife centres costs a great deal of money but every pound you raise makes a difference.  Your money can help towards providing food and bedding, veterinary treatment or preparing an animal for re-homing.
If you feel that you cannot support RSPCA Week because of timing issues then please do consider volunteering some of your time on a regular basis.  You could become one of the RSPCA’s ‘Everyday Heroes’ by giving your time to act as a volunteer – you could help with home visits (before and after animal adoptions), be a foster carer or a helper at one of the rescue centres or you could.

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